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Polly Franks Polly Franks has lived through every parent's worst nightmare. On a cold October night in 1995, she learned that her two daughters (ages 8 and 9) had been attacked by a trusted neighbor and family friend. This "friend" turned out to be a convicted serial predator from the state of Texas; a man who years earlier had become known as San Antonio's "Ski Mask Rapist." By his own defense attorney's admission, this predator had committed over 200 sexual assaults on women and little girls. However, instead of going to prison, he was placed on probation and ordered to undergo "treatment" in the form of "chemical castration" at Johns-Hopkins University Hospital. Instead of prison, this predator was released back into society and allowed to monitor himself. Instead of punishment, he was allowed to move into Polly's neighborhood, one block from an elementary school. Upon being allowed to move into her community in Richmond, Virginia, this predator quickly became known to police as the "Bandanna Bandit," and was linked to at least 86 more innocent victims (mostly children) in the Richmond area. Following the attack on her children, this predator was yet again given probation and released back into society, left to monitor himself. Enraged with the lack of justice in her children's case, Polly decided to do something about it. Despite being born with a severe physical disability, Polly became a licensed private investigator for the sole purpose of bringing this animal to justice.

This child predator is now in prison for life without parole.

Polly's story has been told in major magazine publications, newspapers and she has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs. She has lobbied on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C. on behalf of tougher sex offender laws and testified before Congress. She has lobbied for the "Children's Safety Act of 2005," the "Amber Alert Act" and the "Victims' Rights Act." In her home state of Virginia, she lobbied for the "Safe Kids Initiative," which has been called the toughest sex offender legislation in the nation.

In addition to establishing the Franks Foundation, Polly serves as a founding board member of the National Coalition of Victims in Action. She served as the Virginia co-chair of the "Victims' Rights Constitutional Amendment" committee and is a member of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, headquartered in Washington, D.C. Polly is a graduate of Bluefield College. She and her husband Patrick are the very proud parents of three grown daughters, a menagerie of animals (their four-legged children) and a host of "honorary" sons and daughters.

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