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The Franks Foundation was borne out of the tragedy of childhood sexual abuse experienced by Polly Franks' children when a former neighbor and family friend turned out to be a convicted child predator. As a result, we are dedicated to protecting America's kids from sexual predators. That is our goal, plain and simple. We are a partner with the Renee O. Rondeau Peace Foundation, a 501C3 nonprofit organization.

At the Franks Foundation, we believe in a pro-active approach to making America's kids safer. We believe that true Homeland Security begins in the home - from the kitchen table to the classroom - extending all the way to Capitol Hill and the Oval Office. Only by educating America's kids - and their parents - are we going to win the war against child predators. We believe in a three-fold approach to fighting this war...

  • Education and Awareness - No violent crime was ever prevented - and no crime victim was ever helped - by the public's refusal to acknowledge the existence of the dangers facing our kids. Only by looking at these issues squarely in the face are we ever going to make this world a safer place for our kids.
  • Information - Only by staying up-to-date and current on today's events, issues and opportunities will we get the chance to make a positive difference. We believe in cooperative partnerships with individuals, community organizations, local and federal government, law enforcement and other non-profit organizations.
  • Legislation - We believe that our elected officials need to be held accountable for their actions and their decisions, and we believe in their accountability to the citizens they were elected to serve. Most of all, we believe that the most important constituents our elected officials will ever serve are those who are still to young to vote for them - America's kids. Please join us in fighting to make our local, state and federal laws more crime victim friendly and in making our communities safer.

We believe in the power of the average American citizen - regardless of gender, race, disability, religion or economic background - to make a positive difference and change our world for the better.

We believe in the responsibility of every citizen to fight for the protection of America's kids. We believe it is every child's right to be safe in their school, church, community and home. In other words, we believe in a child's right to simply enjoy being a kid.

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