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"Thank you for your work on the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. I cannot thank you enough for helping us create this piece of legislation."
Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. - Chairman of the Judiciary

"An Unyielding Advocate .."
The Richmond Times - Dispatch

"Polly - You Rock!!.."
Megan Robertson, XM Satellite Radio

"Polly, thank you so much. We WILL have you back."
Vinnie Politan - Court TV Radio

"There's no better spokesperson for victims' rights than Polly Franks. She's honest, fair, up-to-date on the issues and can always be counted on."
Kristin Bender, Oakland Tribune

"Strength and courage are often borne of a mother's love, a mother like Polly Franks."
John Walsh - America's Most Wanted

"Polly Franks is my hero... a tireless protector of children... there is no higher calling."
Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Author: Bad Childhood Good Life and Internationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host

"I appreciate the passion you show for protecting our children from violent sexual predators."
Timothy M. Kaine, Governor of Virginia

"Polly, I really appreciate your leadership. Let's keep working together!"
Robert F. McDonnell - Attorney General of Virginia

"Polly ... I want to thank you for your support of Dru's Law. Your work helps to put a human face on the problem and is invaluable in advancing the legislation."
Byron L. Dorgan, U.S. Senator (D-N.D.)

"Polly Franks has been instrumental in making America safer from dangerous sexual predators, and continues to do the work while maintaining a steadfast tenacity to fight the heinous atrocities of depraved offenders who seek to harm innocent victims."
Mia Wesbrooks, Attorney, Talk Show Host and Producer

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